Eltham Palace – Greenwich, UK

Recently featured in Cheryl Cole’s music video Parachute, this Art Deco venue has a lot of amazing history behind the many rooms you might want to have your wedding in! With the circular skylighted Entrance Hall perfect for a ceremony, the Great Hall for your ceremony or the private dining room with original Art Deco doors, the palace seems to cater to a variety of sizes.

For more information: www.english-heritage.org.uk/elthampalace
All photos property of Eltham Palace and English Heritage.

For a more historical background and a sneak peak around the rest of the house watch this video:

And of course the Cheryl Cole video where the dance scenes take place in the entrance hall – note the amazing restored walls in the background.
(** also note my super amazing friend Llyrio Boateng as one of the dancers!!! OMG)

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