Hello Super 8!

I am so excited to be posting about this fab company Hello Super 8! Thanks very much to Megan and Tatiana for all your input! See below for all the OMG details.

OMG where are you based?
Hello Super 8 is based in Brooklyn, NY but we also have a team of cinematographers based in Los Angeles, CA and the Portland, Or. We are available for travel worldwide and have recently had the opportunity to shoot in London, Miami, Palm Springs, Aspen, and Martha’s Vineyard.

OMG what sort of services do you provide?
We make modern wedding films with vintage cameras.

OMG what makes you different from other vendors?
Most vendors capturing weddings and special events use digital video. We are film enthusiasts and use real super 8 film with vintage cameras. Super 8 film (or cine film) is a medium from the 60s that was used primarily for home movies (your parents probably had a super 8 camera and shot images of you as a baby!). Super 8 immediately conjures a nostalgic feeling with it’s beautiful, saturated, and grainy images. We shoot on film which is then digitized and edited with professional software, and in the end you receive the edited film on DVD, as well as the actual film reel for archival purposes.

We also make our films short and sweet. If you’ve ever had to sit through a friend’s wedding video that was hours long, you were most likely put to sleep. Our goal is that our clients’ investments should be be watched and shared over and over again. Just recently, we received a thank you note from a client 2 days after receiving their DVD saying they had watched their film “25 times and counting.” We love those reactions!

What’s the best job you’ve ever worked on and why:
We love every opportunity to be invited to the unique and personal events of our clients. Our couples have been some of the coolest people we’ve had the pleasure of knowing. People who love and appreciate real film are a special breed. In this highly digital era, it’s so nice to remember the amazing quality of analog… like vinyl records, actual film cameras, old film projectors and the like.

But if you want to know specifics, we had an amazing time at a wedding in Boston last fall. The couple was so fun and they put so many DIY touches on their big day. From the handmade hairpieces for the girls to the men’s boutonnieres (both made by their friends)… it was all about involving their talented community in their wedding. They even played a game at the altar of ‘rock, paper, scissors’ to decide who was going to say their vows first. SO CUTE! The booze was flowing and dance floor, rocking. And the main ingredient… they were SO IN LOVE!

What’s coming up next?
Well, we have a busy wedding season ahead and are scheduled to shoot in some very exciting locations with great couples! We are also branching out to make lifestyle films for families (think children’s birthday parties, family gatherings, birth films, a day in the life), as well as promotional films on super 8. The film medium is not dead and we are here to shout from the rooftops that real film is the way to go in documenting special occasions!

Any advice for a bride to be?
Wedding videos have a bad name. You’ve seen the cheesy videos with bad animated flying hearts and angels with overdramatic music and blurry edges. The event videography business has come a long way and if someone tells you that you don’t need a wedding video, think again. People in the industry are doing some amazing things in the video world and it would be a shame not to capture the biggest day of your life on film. Still photos don’t always give you the real feelings and emotions you experienced. The cost can be significant but remember that the photos and video will be the only lasting elements you take away from the day. Your wedding goes by in such a whirlwind, it’s worth the investment to be able to relive the experience again and again. And one note of advice when selecting your videographer… you get what you pay for. 🙂

OMG I love them. Can we also talk about the great song choices? Love.
Watch some more videos here and check out their website and blog!

London Wedding:

Miami Destination Wedding:

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