OMG My Top 10 Wedding Blogs & Why

As a newcomer to the wedding blog industry and weddings (I’ve been engaged for about 6 weeks!) and in light of reading Liene Stevens’ most recent article on her OMG fab blog Think Splendid about blogging and the wedding industry, I thought what better way to pay homage to those who have inspired me than to write about it! So here goes, my top 10 Wedding Blogs and Why:

1. Snippet and Ink

As soon as I was engaged, my fab friend Catherine sent me this blog for inspiration. Since then, I am a religious follower, visiting multiple times a day to see when its going to be updated next! I find it one of the most comprehensive and easy to follow blogs for someone who only has a few minutes during lunch or in the morning before work, and there are always beautiful photos. It is definitely my number 1. Also, thanks to Snippet and Ink’s awesome sidebar of wedding blog links, I was able to find so many other places for inspiration.

2. Once Wed

This was the first wedding blog I had ever seen in my life and I think I stayed on it for about 4 hours when I found it. My best friend (who will be featured on OMG I’m Getting Married soon!) got engaged in June of last year and asked me to be her maid of honor (Hurrah!!) I really blame her for my new obsession with weddings because I am SO excited for her. Anyway, we decided to start collecting images for inspiration and I think about 95% of these ideas came from the Saturday afternoon I found Once Wed. Gorgeous DIY ideas and a beautiful layout, this blog remains one of my favourites.

3. Brooklyn Bride

Can we please talk about the awesome citrus green and white background on this blog?! I first heard of Brooklyn Bride when my fab friends from Hello Super 8 were featured on it. It’s awesome. As a graphic designer, and lover of all things digital, I can hands down say this is my favourite wedding blog design out there. Simple, easy to use, but very individual, I think the Brooklyn Bride brand is really strong and conveys a definite sense of personality. This site also has SO much stuff on it! So many places to find inspiration but in a very organised way.

4. 100 Layer Cake

Really this blog deserves a spot at 3.5 tied with Brooklyn Bride as they are both my favourite designs, but that ruins my 1 – 10 posting. I love EVERYTHING about 100 Layer Cake. I love the name, I love the design, I love the content, I love the side bar, I love the comments, I love the previous and next buttons. I love it all. Really gorgeous posts and equally well written content, this blog is a must.

5. Style Me Pretty.

As someone who doesn’t love to read long articles during the day when I’m just procrastinating from work a teeny bit, I love big pictures. And lots of them. This blog gets a vote from me because of the sheer number of awesome imagery. The writing is definitely good too, but sometimes I’m all about the eye candy. And this site does it for me. I also just love saying the name over and over again when I’m getting dressed in the morning. Its fab.

6. Rock n Roll Bride

One for the UK! Woohoo! Doesn’t everyone secretly want to be a little rock n roll? I do. a lot. I really like this blog and I really love the content. I am definitely using this blog for inspiration when it comes to my wedding as there are some many unique details covered. The design, as in most of my top 10, is really easy to follow, content is clear and I just want to keep clicking through to the next page. I also really like the cute way the social media icons are displayed. Tres creative.

7. Classic Bride

A solid staple for my wedding blog rounds every morning, Classic Bride feels like the Tiffany’s of the Wedding Blog Industry. It feels trustworthy and honest. I also love the CB has expanded into an online shop full of exciting vintage pieces.

8. Green Wedding Shoes

I like this blog’s personality and I really like shoes. Only people who really like shoes name their blogs after them. I love how this blog shows a variety of image sizes and definitely focuses on the details. The little green hearts and green comment icons give the user a sense that they are definitely reading a personalized and customized blog where someone has handpicked the content with care.

9. Grey Likes Weddings

This blog is super for a number of reasons. First of all I love the type used for the menu. Its pretty and its different from the normal, stereotypical scripty fonts used for weddings. Its clean and beautiful and no nonsense. Second, I love the photos. There are loads of them, and it makes me happy. I love being able to scroll down on my little Mac trackpad and just look at pretty things. There is no shortage of inspiration images at the top level of this blog and I like it. Lastly, I like the simplicity. There is no crazy business going on here, just lots of great content. I don’t get lost looking for stuff. Fab.

10. The Cinderella Project

OMG I just found this blog this morning and I love it!!!! I love the name, (hello who doesn’t want to be cinderella?) and I love the content. I also love the use of all the different social media outlets in the side bar – keeps it away from the content but still easy to access and very visible. I love the use of words like “Kindred Spirits” for links and “Sweet Tweets.” Gorge.

And thats it! Hope you find these blogs as OMG AMAZING as I do and thanks so much to all the authors / writers for inspiring me 🙂

Lots of love and happy Friday!

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