Ritva Westenius Wedding Dresses

Located at 28 Connaught Street, London W2 2AF, this was probably one of the most enjoyable wedding dress appointments I have been to while assisting my friend as her maid of honor. The shop is beautiful and has 2 private changing rooms downstairs where you can pick and choose from all the gowns. The shop owner and designer herself, Chenka Williams assisted us and was very up front upon inviting us in. She asked what our price range was immediately, stating she didn’t want to show us dresses if they weren’t in our budget which initially surprised me, but as we went on more visits, I began to understand its quite a standard question.

My friend tried on 5 or 6 dresses, all gorgeous, and Chenka was very direct but in quite a comical way. She fluttered around the two of us giving her opinions only when asked, but had a great sense of humour and made us both feel very comfortable. She was great, and while my friend didn’t end up choosing her dress from this shop, I know I will be heading back here when its my turn!

For more information http://www.ritvawestenius.com/

Listen to Chenka speak about her dresses in this short clip.

Also see this you tube clip for advice from Chenka on how to move in your wedding dress (i just lover her).

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