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Being an American based in London, I have had a fear of wearing hats to weddings. When I first moved here it made me very nervous. Of course this was because I had never truly looked into it. I am now DYING to be invited to wedding where I can wear one of these. In fact I wish I had an event to go to where I could have multiple costume changes so I could wear them all. They are awesome. Stay tuned for posts on these individual designers and their BRIDAL COLLECTIONS! I got so overwhelmed, I thought it be best to start here. Enjoy and happy Friday!

1. Philip Treacy

For something beautifully modern, Philip Treacy is by far my number one favorite. I love his graphic use of colours and bold lines as well as his innate sense of drama. Philip was born in Ireland and started sewing when he was only five years old when he decided to make hats for his sister’s dolls. Later on he attended the London College of Fashion in London and after graduating, he went to Paris to work for Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel for the next ten years. Philip is now stocked all over the world. Check his site for your nearest shop. Definitely one for the bookmarks! Who needs clothes when you can wear a hat like this? Can you imagine if he designed shoes as well? OMG.

2. Piers Atkinson

For something a outlandish and fun – Piers Atkinson is my top choice. These fascinators are perfect for a summer wedding with a bit humor and playfulness. Piers is not only a Milliner but also an editor, illustrator, costume designer and event organizer! He has designed for Cate Blanchett and Lily Allen. These fascinators are somewhat understated compared to a lot of his other pieces, so make sure to check out last season’s stuffed animal inspired collection on his site – how cool are they?!

3. Noel Stewart

I love Noel’s website and I love his hats. I love his models and the styling for all of his shoots. I want to be those girls! It was really difficult to choose an image for this post from Noel’s site as he has three very different collections for this Spring / Summer season. I just can’t get over the lipstick crazyness that is going on here. Noel has designed hats for some of the world’s most influential fashion icons and stars including Lady Gaga, Beth Ditto and has been featured in magazines such as US Elle, Italian Vogue and more. Definitely more on him coming up soon.

4. William Chambers

William Chambers’ pieces are perfect for a more casual wedding – they are by no means less dramatic and beautiful, but I really like the way his use of palette and materials make everything feel a bit more subtle and subdued. I also love the red lipstick on his model. William studied at Heriot Watt University in Scotland and later at Metropolitan University where his designs were shown at Glasgow Fashion Week. He has provided for a variety of stars and fashion icons, one of of whom is fashion icon and pop star Roisin Murphy who wore on of his pieces on numerous parts during her most recent tour.

5. Rachel Trevor Morgan

Rachel Trevor Morgan’s fascinators remind me of what might be worn in the modern day Pretty Woman – you know when Julia Roberts is wearing that amazing brown and white polka dot dress at the polo match? I think if the movie were shot today, she would totally be sporting one of these guys. Very elegant and very chic. Rachel works with a variety of designers including Bruce Oldfield and has designed hats for The Queen herself. Her shop is in St. James, London.

6. Gina Foster

I just love this piece by Gina Foster. I think there’s a really nice contrast between the solidness of this white disc and the very whispy and airy feel of the pieces that come off from it. Gina worked under the likes of Noel Stuart and Stephen Jones during which she helped design pieces for Kylie Minogue’s Showgirl Tour before branching off to start her own line. Her shop is in Kensington, London.

7. Reny Kestel

Ok so Reny is based in Perth, which is a bit far away for most of UK based readers and maybe black is not the most suitable for a wedding, but I love these. Reny studied at the London College of Fashion here in the UK before returning to Perth to set up her own label. Her collection is beautiful.

8. Lock & Co Hatters

James Lock & Co is located on St. James Street in London. Established in 1676 to provide for the Royal Court, the milliners here now provide for people all over the world. The site not only offers elegant and beautiful pieces for a special event but also a brief history of hat making as well as casual hats for men and women alike.

9. Yvette Jelfs

Yvette Jelfs was the commentator at Royal Ascot for ten years, offering opinions on fashion and style. Prior to this, she worked under Graham Smith, designing pieces for Princess Diana, the Duchess of York, the Duchess of Kent and many more celebrities. She now offers courses in millinery as well as runs a shop in Edinburgh.

10. Nigel Rayment

Nigel also attended the London College of Fashion before joining a company where he eventually ended up buying out his partners. The company is now called Nigel Rayment. Designs have been worn by fashion gurus and icons across all five continents and can be found in various stores around the world.

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