MOB – Introducing the Mother of the Bride

Introducing the first of many to come, a brief article from OMG’s Mum! I know there are quite a few mums who are readers, so hopefully you will be able to identify with this – a big thank you to the best Mother of the Bride (mine!) for this article. xxx

HOW did this happen?? HOW is my daughter old enough to get married? I guess it was because I had her when I was 12? Does that sound plausible? No? Well then can someone explain to me HOW I got to be old enough, no don’t like that word, mature enough to have a daughter ready to get married?? It seems like we were just arguing over curfews and proper boyfriends and makeup, and now… we are looking at venues and wedding dresses. Well once I got over the shock of it all, I must say it is pretty exciting. My only daughter getting married! Of course we love her fiancee. After all they have been dating for 9 years now. So it was not a big shock when my husband got a text from J asking if he could speak privately over the next few days to him and not to mention the conversation to our daughter. Well, that sent me right to the nearest bookstore to stock up on EVERY wedding magazine I could find. My husband was aghast. “You don’t even KNOW what he wants to talk about. You can’t assume it is a proposal.” OH REALLY??? Well nevermind, I assured him I would not open the magazines until the important conversation took place. It was the longest three days of waiting!!!

Once the phone call took place and the proposal was confirmed I switched into Mother of the Bride (MOB) mode. Very strange to know that your daughter is getting married before she does. We then had to wait the few days until J actually proposed to A. FINALLY we were able to shout the news… and I could start delving into the intriguing world of weddings…

Five tips for the newly anointed Mothers of the Bride

1. Stock up on your preferred shade of hair colouring. Stressful wedding dilemnas can cause a massive influx of grey hair….

2. Have all official documents altered to reflect the fact that you gave birth at the age of 12.

3. Import a wide selection of fine handkerchiefs to try out in advance of the wedding day.

4. In the same vein, sample an adequate number of waterproof mascaras.

5. Begin the body-altering diet plan that will portray you as perfection personified. Be sure to allow for many Twinkie breakdowns.

Stayed for more to come from OMG Mum.

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