Pnina Torani Wedding Dresses

I have recently become moderately obsessed with the reality TV show “Say Yes to the Dress.” The show documents brides to be who come to Kleinfeld’s in Manhattan to find their perfect dress. I won’t go into too much detail, but its pretty addictive for all the right Reality TV reasons – pushy moms, bridesmaids, brides, dramatic and teary eyed moments – the works.

Anyway, one of the designers that comes up quite frequently is Pnina Tornai. Pnina is an Israeli bridal designer and sells her dresses exclusively in the store. Right off the bat I had a very strong reaction towards her style and pretty much decided “definitely not my taste,” but as the season has progressed, and I have seen more and more brides choose Pnina, I am beginning to see the allure. These dresses make everyone look good. I’m not joking. And the reason for this is the corseted structure of the gowns.

Now I’m sure there is a selection process for the show and most of the brides to be are attractive to begin with, but I have to admit Pnina Tornai is totally growing on me. If you are looking for a fairy tale, princess, over the top type gown, you should definitely check her out. She definitely understands the feminine form (why do I feel like Heidi on Project Runway when I say that?) but its true – her dresses are beautiful and very figure flattering.

Make sure to check out Pnina Tornai’s website and see below for a quick snippet of an episode of Say Yes to the Dress so you can see what I mean by fab. (I have already downloaded seasons 4 and 5 from iTunes – OMG.)

And check out this link to view an exclusive on Pnina’s 2009 collection

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