Rosa Clara – Wedding Dresses Part 1

I hope I am not jinxing myself by posting my absolute favourite wedding dress designer in the world prior to going for my appointment (booked 3 months in advance I am that excited.) I’m sure a teeny bit of it has to do with the gorgeous photos and the beautiful models, but I think its mostly the dress. I am going to confess that when my mom was visiting two years ago, we were shopping in Liberty and walked passed the bridal section where Rosa Clara is stocked. We got so excited, I put on my mom’s wedding ring and pretended to be engaged so we could look through the catalogues without being questioned. OMG. Please do not judge me, it was so fun.

So, ever since then, it has been my first choice. Rosa Clara has a few different lines which I will feature separately on the blog (because I am obsessed) including dresses designed by Christian Lacroix, Karl Lagerfeld and Jesus Del Pozo. I love the sculptural quality of some of the dresses and the use of beautiful lines. Stay tuned for more on this fabulous spanish brand.

See the Rosa Clara Website here.

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