Top 10 Wedding Shoes

It was about time I addressed one of my favourite topics (next to cake of course) which just so happens to be shoes. I’ve skirted around this list for a while now, because there are SO many shoes, and some of the favourites for this post have been around the blog circuit a few times already. So I did my best for the UK brides by choosing my favourite fashion forward selection. Enjoy!

1. Fendi Tulle Embellished Suede Sandals
Oh hello beautifully floofy, soft and strappy, ribbony, fabricy inventions. You are my favourite. If I were a ballet dancing, swooping and sashaying princess bride, these would be my shoes. I love them. They are not just a shoe, they are an entire world of amazing swooshyness. See these on the Net-A-Porter website.

2. Alexander McQueen Heart Peep Toe Satin Pumps
I love Alexander McQueen. I was in two minds about posting these so close to his death, but I am a huge huge fan. And weddings are happy times, so it would be cruel for me to keep these shoes from my viewers. Who doesn’t want to wear heart shaped peep toes?! See these shoes on the Net-A-Porter website and make sure to check out the Alexander McQueen website as well.

3. Eddi Shoe by Bally
Awesome heel, beautifully made and apparently very comfortable (according to my awesome friend who is wearing them with her AWESOME dress.) I like the substantial heel because even though its high, which is pretty much a must for me, it is not teetering or unstable, giving the bride more support for fabulous dancing. For more information see the Bally website.

4. Miu Miu Satin Platform Pumps
I love these for their perfect satin chunkiness. They look, in the nicest way possible, like shoes made completely out of scrumptiously sculpted butter. I want these butter shoes. Check these out on the Net-A-Porter website.

5. Christian Louboutin Eugenie Satin Pumps
I had a very hard time choosing my favourite Christian Louboutin shoes for the bridal section, however I had to keep reminding myself that there will be more shoe articles and so this was not the only feature I was going to get. I like these because they are classic on the front and exciting on the back. Aside from the obvious (and awesome) red underside of the shoe, I really like the detailing on the back of the heel. Its pretty without being too over the top and makes you feel just a tiny bit more, somewhat secretively special. The photos are taken from here and of course see the Christian Louboutin website for more.

6. Nicholas Kirkwood
If you are looking for an uber fashionable, funky, cool wedding shoe, look no further. Nicholas Kirkwood is the man. For more information, and more fabulous shoes, see the Nicholas Kirkwood website.

7. Echinacea by Kurt Geiger
So while most of Top 10 weddings shoes will be of the more neutral colours, I couldn’t help but throw these in here. How cute is that bow? I can imagine these with one of the shorter, flirtier wedding dresses that are quite popular at the moment. For more information see the Kurt Geiger website.

8. Jimmy Choo Zap Shoes
I’m going to pull a fashion no-no and say that I don’t like the Jimmy Choo bridal collection. (gasp!) But I don’t. They’re too safe, and it doesn’t feel special enough to blow a month’s rent (or nearly) on a pair of safe shoes. So I’m throwing these in the mix as a wild card. Mostly because I really just want them for myself, but if you’re the rock ‘n’ roll type and have an alternative style, these are perfect. They would also be a pair that I would definitely wear again and again after the wedding. For more information, see the Jimmy Choo website.

9. Donna Karan Peep Toe Raffia Pumps
These are cute and a bit on the casual side but I think they’re good for a more laid back, country wedding. Again, I’m a sucker for high heels and I’m into the peep toe for spring and summer. These are also great honeymoon shoes if you are going somewhere hot and fabulous.
See these on the Net-A-Porter website.

10. Vivienne Westwood Melissa Sweet (Heart) shoe.
I couldn’t very well leave this one out as it is one of the most popular bridal shoes out there at the moment. Its sweet (no pun intended) and great for photos, this one remains in my top ten list and I know you can’t blame me. I’ve heard so many people say they don’t want to do things for their wedding because it has been “done before.” Who cares? If you love the shoes, wear ’em. See the Melissa Plastic Dreams website for more. Photo courtesy of

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