Avine Perucci by St. Pucchi Wedding Dresses

A week or so ago, I posted some gorgeous St. Pucchi wedding dresses which were totally out of character for me, as I thought I would definitely be leaning towards a simpler and more structured style. Then I started watching Say Yes to the Dress (which has now in full taken over my obsession with Friday Night Lights) and all of a sudden my fashion sense was all over the place, as I was watching girls try on St. Pucchi, and Pnina Tornai and loving those too!

While I haven’t actually narrowed down my search (or even started trying on dresses) I have continued to find designers that I like and hope you guys do too. Therefor I thought it was only fair I share with you the Avine Perucci line designed by St. Pucchi for your reference.

Make sure to check out the St. Pucchi website where you can view the entire collection.

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