OMG Friday Links – 4 June 2010

So, I don’t want to just jump on the band wagon and post a bunch of links that I have loved during the week for no reason, but I think its a really great way to share ideas and also touch on a few things that might not be 100% wedding related, but still fab. I also had a little mini celebration by myself last week when RocknRoll Bride posted one of OMG’s featured weddings on her Thursday treats. So why not spread the love to the blogs / websites I visit so religiously each week? Enjoy and have a good weekend!

Hello crazy pinwheel of colour
Insanely gorgeous wedding cake and overall theme
Fab. Bev. Hills. Wed. Thats all I’m going to say
Perfect East London Date Night – massive hint to fiance…
One of my favourite photographers / directors / creative geniuses
How about some vintage Vogue?!?!
Oldie but goodie – the best digital window installation I’ve seen.
Pretty Purple Wedding
Awesome groom in RED trousers!
Lady Gaga inspired wedding accessories
Lovely lashes…
How to get married in the UK if you’re not British – found this extremely useful!
Charity of the week – set up by some of my amazing friends (and site designed by yours truly:)

Thanks to everyone above for the sneak peaks during work hours (shhh!!!) and loads of late night reading / drooling. xx

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