Sasha & Olea’s Heart Shaped Balloon Winter Engagement Session

OMG it is one of my favourite photographers, back again for another feature! You may have seen the last post You+We Photography shared with us (Irina and Jenya’s super cute wedding) earlier this month. This one today is just as fab!

I jumped at the chance to share this couples session with you guys because it is one of the first I’ve seen in snow. Everyone seems to be doing summery / spring sessions (probably due to the current weather) but snow / winter can be just as romantic, if not more. I am also a massive fan of balloons. I know they’ve been done a million times before, but I don’t care. They totally work. And this is the first strawberry shaped balloon I have seen, so its even more exciting.

I really love the work that Sasha and Ross do, they are great at capturing perfect moments, and their compositions are truly beautiful. I wish they lived in the UK!!! Make sure to check out the You+We Photography website for more gorgeous shots.

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