Chris & Ruana’s Shabby Chic Wedding

Hello and welcome to yet another Dylan Laubscher Wedding. Thanks one more time for sending through such great images to OMG! One thing I really like about these shots, and Dylan’s style, is that he experiments by adding some typographic elements, which I haven’t really seen before. I definitely see some of these shots being used for thank you cards, or if it were an engagement shoot – maybe an invite? Make sure you check out his website as well as the other weddings he’s shot – Marco & Justine as well as Brett & Alex.

The bride and groom, Chris and Ruana, were married in March of this year at La Lampara in The Natal Midlands in South Africa. The reception was organised around a beautiful shabby chic theme which can be seen in the photos below and I really love some of the detailing like the birdcages and wire framed hearts. (Am currently trying to figure out how to get my parents to send me 15 + bird cages from Shanghai for centerpieces… but thats another story). Also noteworthy, is the fact that the event took place during a massive hail storm! Doesn’t seem to have effected peoples’ moods though, congrats to the happy couple on a beautiful day.

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