Gena & Zenon’s New York Style Engagement Shoot

OMG thanks so much to Anne Wright Photography for sharing these photos with me (make sure you stay tuned for the wedding feature which was shot this past weekend in the middle of a snow storm! Even though its June?)

A little bit about the bride and groom… Gena and Zenon (can we please talk about how cool their names are?) are from Calgary, however they decided to have their engagement shoot in New York as Anne was already going to be in the city, and thought they would take advantage. Gena is an ex-model who was previously featured in Harper’s Bazaar, and Zenon works in IT. Their shots were focused more on their celebration as a couple, as opposed to a “NYC travel guide.” Anne says “We spent nearly 8 hours together and had big blisters from all the walking around but it was so worth it! I love those pics.”

I’m totally into the different coloured backdrops and scenes that Anne has set up for them and think the photos are great. I am particularly in LOVE (no pun intended) with the Love Sign shot as we had a duplicate of this statue at my university and it gives me the warm and fuzzies 🙂 Anyway, if you’re thinking of doing a city style engagement shoot, these are great for inspiration.

Make sure the check out the Anne Wright Photography website and enjoy!

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