Jennifer & Kevin’s Red & Black Themed Wedding with a Sushi Cake!

Thanks very much to Jessica Monnich for sharing this wedding with OMG! I came across her photos on Flickr while trolling for fab wedding inspiration a few weeks ago and had to get in touch immediately.

A bit about the bride and groom… Jennifer and Kevin met while working at Walgreens after Jenn transfered to Kevin’s store. I find this totally cute. Walgreens is one of the few places that I feel nostalgic about when I go back to the States for the holidays. Don’t ask me why, its completely random, but its one of the staples of American living for me. Anyway… the two were married in Austin, Texas, at the Vista on Steward Hill. The theme of the wedding was black and red which can be seen everywhere from the brides oh so fab shoes and matching toes, to the gift boxes for guests and rose petals that were sprinkled down the aisle. I think my favourite, and one of the most unique parts of this entry, is the cake! How cute is the sushi cake?! I have to admit I have never seen a sushi inspired wedding cake, so this is a first for the blog. Jessica said the couple were great to photograph, and that they were “very energetic and loved to laugh!” I am personally a huge fan of the first photo myself 🙂

Thanks so much to Jessica as well as Jennifer and Kevin for sharing their special day with OMG! For more information make sure to check out Jessica Monnich’s website and don’t miss this fab shoot over on RocknRoll Bride that is also way awesome.

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