Real Wedding Jonathan & Emma

Thanks very much to Ryan and Erika from Rowell Photography for sharing these recent photos with OMG! I really love some of the pre wedding shots they were able to capture of not only the bride, but also the groom! A lot of the time, the preparation shots focus mostly on the ladies, so its great to be able to share these images of Jonathan, as well as Emma.

The couple went to school and met in London, but have since moved to Canada, where they were married. They exhchanged vows at the McLean house at Sunnybrook Estates in October of last year (hence the cute little pumpkins either side of the stairwell in the photos below!) The venue provided a gorgeous setting for the shoot with my personal favourite being that of Emma in the changing room – just look at that hand painted book case!

I am also totally digging the Beatles reference in their personalized rendition of Abbey Road. Make sure to check out the Rowell Photography Website and stay tuned for more from these great photographers!

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