Lauren & Josh’s Classic & Couture Real Wedding

Thanks so much to Jake and Jennifer over at Two Birds Photography for sharing this wedding with OMG! How cute is this bride?!?! I really love the classic feel of the colour palette Lauren and Josh chose for their wedding, from the gorgeous green bridesmaid dresses to the soft tones in her bouquet. Here is a little bit more about the bride and groom…

Lauren and Josh were married in March of this year in Joliet, Illinois with both the reception and ceremony held at Patrick C. Haley Mansion. Their overall colour palette included sage green, ivory and champagne while their theme was strongly influenced by their love of cooking together. Lauren says “we absolutely love to cook together, so we subtly incorporated that hobby into our wedding, from the Save The Date postcard in which the wording was made entirely from herbs and spices, to sage in the bouquets and bouts, to a guestbook designed to resemble a cookbook containing pictures of all the food creations we had made together, and of course, our favors which were 3 vials filled with spice blends that we had created (Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice) specially for our guests to bring home a little of our cooking passion with them.” I love it! I think couples often feel pressure to have a really unique theme that no one has done before and they focus on that as opposed to something that truly personalizes the experience. This is a perfect example of a couple that managed to do both, a beautiful, simple and seamless theme that also stays true to who they are.

Josh and Lauren also incorporated a lot of DIY elements in their wedding as they love to be creative. “The escort board made from a poster of a photo from our engagement shoot, the favors, all the stationary, the guestbook, the centerpieces, the bridesmaid’s gift totes, the box for the wine box ceremony, the cardbox, and the bottom of my shoes [were all DIY].”

Lauren wore a beautiful Paloma Blanca dress, and Josh arrived in a stunning Calvin Klein suit, while the bridesmaid dresses were from After Six in kiwi colours. Each girl picked her own strappy champagne colored heel for a bit of variety. Flowers were created by Zuzu’s Petals and even the centerpieces were DIY to reflect Lauren’s engagement ring. Lauren wore pearls (including a pearl bracelet, necklace and hair piece) with the bracelet being the first gift josh ever gave to her.

Advice from the Bride: Try to enjoy every single second of your day!

Any regrets? Not a single one!

Best decision made: “We personalized our wedding to reflect who we are as a couple – from the Victorian mansion, to the 21 person (!!!) wedding party, to having our close friends play guitar for the ceremony and DJ the reception, and all of the DIY projects, we can truly say this was our wedding.”

Make sure to check out Two Birds Photography’s website and blog for more great shots. Congrats to Josh and Lauren on such a beautiful day and thanks for sharing with OMG!

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