Real Wedding Natalie & Marcus

I am pretty excited to be featuring this wedding today! Thanks so much to Robert Burress of Shooting Hip Photography for sharing yet another great event with OMG.

Natalie and Marucs were married at Temple Church (hello another gorgeous ceiling) and held their reception later that evening at Delfina Studios, a beautiful, converted chocolate factory. For some reason, that little historic fact just really tickles me. Visions of Willy Wonka are dancing in my head as I write this and I really can’t help it! As my search for the perfect venue for my day continues, I find that tid-bits like this really add to the magic a venue might or might not have. Robert has done a great job of capturing the moments before the wedding, as well as showcasing the fabulous church setting. I also really like the scenic London shots shown below as they feel very much like the city without showing the obvious landmarks one usually associates with London like the double decker buses and phone booths etc.

All in all, a beauitful day and a very happy couple. Make sure to check out Robert Burress’s Shoot Hip website for more information and stay tuned as I’m sure there will be lots more from him to come.

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