Temperley Wedding Dresses

OMG FINALLY I CAN FEATURE ONE OF MY FAVOURITE BRIDALWEAR DESIGNERS! I am massively exhaling behind my screen at the moment as I have been holding all of my excitement for Temperley since my best friend has been a proud owner of the gorgeous Long Dragon dress. She just got married yesterday (OMG!!!) and so I now feel comfortable revealing to the world the beauty that is this designer.

Not only are these dresses utterly jaw dropping (make sure to check out the ready to wear collection as well) but the whole entire process of trying on the dress, getting it altered and taking it home was absolutely and perfectly fabulous. The shop is located on the cutest mews in West London, with the most beautiful bridal suite, and the friendliest, most fabulous people. I cannot stress how much I love this place and how beautiful their clothes are. LOVE IT. I will of course be posting my friend’s wedding soon enough for you all to enjoy so stay tuned.

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