A Lazy Sunday Lunch with Flowers – Great collaborations & Delicious Treats!

I had so much fun this weekend! Not only did I meet some fabulous new people, but I got to eat amazing cupcakes, drink some wine, and bring home a gorgeous DIY bouquet. I dare say I might have learned something as well 🙂

Thanks SO much to Mary of Forever and Ever Events for organising this weekend’s “Lazy Sunday Lunch with Flowers.” The event was pretty much flawless, hosted at the front of super chic Hiden Floral Design’s shop in Marylebone, with floral cupcakes made by the infamous Charlotte of Restoration Cake, served on oh so trendy vintage tea sets supplied by Samantha of What a Fab Party, and accessorized with custom name & note cards by the one and only Hello! Lucky What more could you ask for?! (Plus there was cheese which is always a plus in my book.) We all had our own little space with scissors, string, flowers, treats and even a matching marker! Also, Mary BROUGHT HER DOG which was the final straw of fun for me. Lastly a big thank you to Berna V Photography for documenting the whole day.

OMG Mary’s super cute puppy Samson!

The sold out event began with casual introductions and some bites for lunch, which lead into a general demonstration by Marco of Hiden Floral Designs who advised us on how to hold a bouquet, what shapes to consider, where to put the more precious / fragile flowers and then how to wrap it all up without dropping everything to the ground. Marco gives weekly classes at his shop so make sure to check out his website for more info.

Charlotte, her mum and I having a chat, and then me getting excited about the cupcakes!

We all then got the chance to try it out for ourselves with some gorgeous roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums… and those are all the names I can remember for now. The atmosphere was perfectly casual and the ladies who attended were great. It was the nicest Sunday I’ve had in ages and so great to meet some new people in the industry. Here are just a few words on each of the great vendors who worked on this project.

Forever and Ever Events
Forever & Ever Events is a boutique event planning firm specializing in bespoke weddings and high-end special events. As a planner, Mary Herrington brings a lawyer’s eye for detail with a quirky sensibility and can often be seen at events with her morkie pup Samson accompanying her. For this particular event, Mary focused on the growing interest of DIY, and was aware that without the knowledge base, DIY can often be pretty stressful. Thus she planned a relaxing Sunday lunch, where ladies could learn the basics of floral arrangement over gourmet sandwiches, fine cheeses and wine and later use that knowledge for their own dinner parties, gifts or even wedding bouquets. Mary will be planning many more events with a similar ‘learning’ element, so check in often with her on her blog Southern Fried Kimchi or find her on Forever & Ever Events.

Restoration Cake
OMG where to start with Restoration Cake?! Well, you can of course read about my first encounter with the sugary sensation that is Ms. Charlotte Gamble when we met up for a tasting / review a few months ago. Charlotte makes amazing cakes and cupcakes. They are delicious and she specialises in vegan / non dairy as well! She hand makes all the beautiful toppers like roses, daisies and even cameos. Her method of baking can be likened to that of a scientist and she is a perfectionist when it comes to the proportions of ingredients she uses. Make sure to check out her website and blog for more photos of fab cakes.

Hiden Floral Designs
Hiden Floral Designs is a family business that has transcended generations and is now run by the fabulous Marco. With shops in London as well as Florence, he takes inspiration from nature, art and architecture and has a genuine passion for the science behind floral designs. He is also a great teacher with his demonstration combining the perfect amount of humor to charm a room full of ladies! He has been featured in magazines such as Perfect Weddings, Asian Bride, Cornish Bride and Vanity Fair to name a few. If you are interested in classes, make sure to check out his website for more information.

What a Fab Party!
Recently set up by party planners Samantha Stonehouse and Sara Day, What a Fab Party does a bit of everything FAB from supplying your wedding, hen do, bridal shower, dinner party, luxe event with vintage china / tea sets, birdcages, candelabras and other kinds of unique centrepieces all the way through to offering full service wedding / event planning. “For me, my favourite thing about party planning is getting the brief from the client, then creating the right theme and feel and seeing it all come together. There’s nothing like walking into the venue and saying ‘Wow!’ to yourself, look what we’ve created” ~ Sam

Hello! Lucky
Last but certainly not least, Hello! Lucky is an international stationary designing & letter pressing force of nature. With loads of industry experience in both the States as well as the UK (among other countries) these guys are some of the best in the business. They have designs for every theme and their executions are insanely delicious. The graphic designer in me definitely did a little happy dance when I found out they were involved in this event early on. Make sure to check out the Hello! Lucky website for more info and loads of great ideas if you’re looking for some inspiration.

And thats about it folks! Stay tuned for further information on upcoming events – I certainly can’t wait!

Sam from What a Fab Party with her friend Niki

Mary gets some help from Marco and then shows off her finished bouquet.

Charlotte arranging flowers on the left and her adorable take away cupcake boxes on the right.

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