Aimee & Georges’ Beautiful Yellow and Purple Wedding at the Cleveland Resort

OMG this very late Friday wedding post is due to an extremely hectic week at work! Thanks so so much to Nick Fancher of Shutterthink Photography for sharing these awesome photos with OMG. I am obsessed with colours and I love the complimentary colour thing going on here with the yellow and purple. Also, I love tulips even though I keep spelling them tuplis. Anyway, without further adieu… here is what Nick had to say about this beautiful day. Have a good weekend and stay tuned for some fab belated OMG Friday links. Promise they are coming!

“Aimee and Georges were originally going to get married in July. Their soon-to-be newborn baby had different ideas. So they moved their date up a couple months. As the date drew closer I got worried about the weather holding up. It was supposed to storm all weekend and I was supposed to drive up to the Cleveland resort (The Walden) both Friday and Saturday. So I was praying for the weather to blow over.

It did. Both days were perfect. It was sunny at just the right times (sunset) and there was nice cloud coverage at just the right time (like during the outdoor ceremony and formals). We even got a huge gust of wind that blew flower pedals across the altar just before the kiss. It was literally a picture-perfect wedding.

And Georges’ family, being French, had guests coming from all over the world. So it was a small bunch of people, but a diverse one. I also had the pleasure of working with Monty from Open Image Studios (check out his site if you don’t know his work). We had a great time working together as well as talking shop all the way to Cleveland and back.”

Make sure to check out the Shutterthink Photography website as well as the other posts I have featured on OMG by Nick Fancher. He is awesome.

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