Guest Post: Before the Big Day – Real Wedding Poonam & Chirag

I am all about fellow blog love (check out a few of my other fav wedding blogs here) and have a huge amount of respect for all the wedding bloggers out there as they are definitely the ones who inspired me to start OMG and also start planning my own wedding. So, when Georgia of Before the Big Day approached me regarding a guest post / swap I jumped at the chance, as her blog is definitely one of my morning reads. I jumped again when she said I could repost this insanely gorgeous wedding. Its a bit difficult to know where to start, because there are so many beautiful things about Poonam and Chirag’s special day, along with the perfection that = Our Labour of Love. I love the colours, I love the intimacy of some of the shots, I love how the others are framed, cropped, directed. What a beautiful wedding. Thanks very much to the happy couple for sharing these photos once again.

A little bit about the bride and groom from Georgia… “Poonam and Chirag celebrated their big day in the neon sunshine of Los Angeles, but drew on their heritage for for inspiration. And man were they inspired! With a wedding party wearing traditional saris, an elegant white horse, a scattering of rose petals and a very fetching red and gold parasol, the photographs are a feast of colour. I’m loving Poonam’s jewellery and the henna drawings on her hands and feet, plus her stunning wedding outfit. And I’m jealous of her long eyelashes – no fakes needed for this wedding day.

Don’t miss the next installment, featured on Before the Big Day, showing the pictures of their reception. Huge thanks to Our Labour of Love for their fabulous pictures and also to Georgia for a great post!

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