MOB – The Dress Appointment

Ok, I think I should be stripped of the title of Mother of the Bride…Seriously, there is something wrong with me! I must not be genetically wired to be the mother of any bride….You know how you hear all these stories about the first time the bride-to-be tries on wedding gowns and the mother sobs and says things like “You look so beautiful, like an angel!” WELL, I did not shed one tear. I wore my waterproof mascara and had my linen hankies ready and…nothing…nada…no waterworks…I should be flogged, I am a bad mother. BUT my daughter DID look gorgeous in every gown she tried on. I felt proud and happy…should I be demoted from MOB? I don’t think so. Maybe this is a new era…

So you have now heard about my inadequate performance as MOB…no tears…the shame of it all. Well, it could have been ALOT worse. I live very far away from my daughter. I don’t get to see her that often. So, I was going to capitalize on every moment of our time together. I know you are not supposed to take pictures of the bride-to-be in any of the dresses..God forbid I run home and copy the couture on my little sewing machine! I know you are not supposed to snap any photos…BUT I WANTED some pictures of my daughter….So, I did it. At the first salon I asked if it was ok, and put on my sad face and actually the saleslady had a heart and kind of looked the other way while I got my first photo. I was pretty proud of myself…not having to sneak around with my IPhone….However, at the second salon I was a bit intimidated by the saleslady and was afraid to push my luck and ask to take photos. So, I WAS A SNEAK. When she left the room to get a veil, I snapped away with my phone! Nevermind that my hands were shaking because I was so nervous and nevermind that the first photo had my daughter’s head cut off.

I was victorious…I got the shot! And I didn’t get caught….Wonder what happens if they catch you with bridal photo contraband??? It was worth the risk…I got some great remembrances of a wonderful day with my daughter.

Top Five Tips for the First Gown Selection Venture:
1. Have a good breakfast that means you MOB, you need your stamina to be in top form. Forget your daughter eating anything more than birdseed, she does not want her stomach to stick out in any of the dresses she tries on.

2. Wear shoes for sprinting…between appointments as one may start a few minutes late which sets off your entire day BEHIND schedule…You may be literally running to your next visit!

3. Bring water…it’s a long day and even your daughter may want at least a sip!

4. Have a makeup repair kit. On the off chance that YOU may cry, or your daughter may shed a tear, you will want a quick fix so as no to appear “tear stained” for subsequent appointments.

5. Have on hand the Official MOB Spy Kit…including a phone to snap unobtrusinve photos, or if you are really tech savy, get yourself a pen that doubles as a camera. It would make your life alot easier! You may also want to bring along some bribery equipment in case you are caught in the act of snapping…some nice sweets perhaps.

Armed with the above tips you are on your way to enjoying one of the most special days with your daughter. Savor every minute…and if you cry, don’t feel bad!

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