MOB: The Search for the Perfect Wedding Venue

I think it might be easier training to join the army….you are prepared once you are in the armed services. They flog you, make you go without food and water, they make you crawl on your belly through dangerous territory, they may even have you face the enemy. BUT you have been trained. I am thinking there should be a crash course in VENUE SEARCH for MOBs – hours of intense exercise, days without food and WINE, dangerous hikes over treacherous terrain wearing stilettos and maybe even a glimpse of the enemy – also known as another bride who is looking at YOUR venue for the same date!!!

I was not prepared, so I am hoping to save you potential MOBs some time and pain. Get ready, get set, get TRAINED…for the search. I must say that despite the lack of preparedness, I did have a wonderful time with my daughter and her fiance visiting potential venues. We all retained our sense of humor, despite broken down trains, HOT and stuffy trains with no water, getting lost a few million times and looking at some venues that were honestly not fit for human habitation “Quaint” really means run down and old, “Minimalist” means bare and barren and “Vintage” can be all the leftovers from someone’s attic! But seeing these less than appealing venues makes you appreciate it all the more when you finally find THE ONE. As soon as you find your ideal spot you forget about the ones that didn’t measure up. You begin to visualize your special day in a great place.

But finding your venue can be a long and difficult endeavor. Be PREPARED!

Tips for MOB Venue Search

1. Go into this mission armed with a week’s stay at a health spa where you will build up your stamina with healthy food, yoga for relaxation and exercise. If you are viewing more than one venue in a day, you may feel like you have been crawling on your belly through dangerous terrain when actually all you have done is jump on the tube with 6 million other people. Your spa training will help you stand your ground while being squished by the crowds on the tube.

2. Wear appropriate battle attire. I unfortunately did NOT do this. I wanted to look stylish and proper as the MOB, well, I ended up looking like the sweaty and
wrinkled MOB in my linen dress. So go for comfort and forget fashion. Also forget the stilettos. You may be walking more than you think!

3. Bring water. Or if you are really brave, bring wine. This does not really need any explanation…does it?

4. Bring a large purse or maybe a roll on suitcase… You will receive copious amounts of paper from each place you visit. Glossy brochures, frightening price lists, menus, more price lists and oh yeah, price lists. You will want something easy to tote all of these very important documents. Also in your purse or suitcase be sure to bring paper and pen as well. You may want to make a few notes of your own like “No way” or “Are you kidding?” or “Right, I like that”.

5. Bring a camera or photographer if you are not competent with a camera. I was oh so lucky because my daughter is a wonderful photographer and was really diligent about snapping pictures. It can come in quite handy after viewing numerous venues to have photos to remind you of which place had the shocking pink flamingos in the lobby or the beautiful ceilings (my daughter seems to have ceilings on the brain!).

6. Keep an open mind. You need to be able to look beyond the existing decor of a room and envision it with your ideas. You don’t have to like the lavender and
pink theme that is set up. You have to remember that your black and cream palette will look wonderful.

7. Oh yeah, remember that YOU are not getting married. Your daughter is the one who has to fall in love with the venue. Your job, if you decide to accept this
mission is to support your daughter in every way you can. It’s fine and actually your MOB duty to point out the pros and cons of a place and to offer suggestions kindly. You can even play devil’s advocate in a gentle way.

8. Above all, keep your sense of humor and enjoy!

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