Lower East Side New York Engagement Shoot – Talia & Craig

I might be biased on this one by DOESN’T MY FRIEND TALIA LOOK SO AMAZINGLY HAPPY WITH HER AWESOME FIANCE CRAIG?!?!?!!? She’s so beautiful!!!!! I’m not sure what proper etiquette is for showing friends on your blog, but I don’t care, I love everything I put up here, and this post equally so… A quick thank you to the happy couple as well as to Beth Galloway of Beth Galloway Photography for sharing these photos!

Where do I begin? I have 3 UBER special girls that I met while studying in Philadelphia, and one of them is Alexa. (Hehe Alexa / Alexis – we must be sisters right?) Well sort of. Pretty much actually. Anyway, Talia is Alexa’s sister, whom I got to know better each and every time she came to visit us from New York. She is AWESOME! I got so excited for her and Craig as they were engaged just shortly after I was. Weddings are so exciting!!! I am pretty much obsessed with Talia’s entire family actually, they are the nicest, most fabulous people in the universe and I cannot wait to hear all about the wedding as they have some killer design and organizing skills as well. We used to call them Team Camarena. I think one of the first things Alexa and I bonded over (aside from Justin Timberlake and Diet Coke) was sharpies. They are sharpie kind of people.

Anyway, when Alexa mentioned that Talia and Craig had taken engagement shots, I knew they would be great. What I love about this shoot, is that Talia and Craig’s personalities genuinely come through. I love the thought behind the locations and the colours and how Beth was able to capture loads of the mannerisms that I see in photos and say to myself “OMG that is SO Talia…”

Beth said “I had so much fun on this shoot with Talia and Craig! One of my favorite parts about photography is getting to know the couple – what they’re into, how they met, what their big day will be like – and tailoring the shoot to be completely unique to them. Talia and Craig are getting married in Mexico, so I wanted to have some hints of that come through – soft afternoon sunlight, warm colors and a little Latin flair. They chose the Lower East Side neighborhood in NYC since it’s where they had their first date and also where they got engaged.

Make sure to check out Beth Galloway Photography for more info.

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