OMG at the Stylist Magazine Networking Event – Part 1: Starting Your Own Business

OMG I love Stylist Magazine. It is my weekly fabulous and free indulgence during my lunch / coffee / bus ride home. A few months ago, they decided to host their first ever networking event which I believe sold out before I even got out of bed that day. If not by then, soon enough after and I was totally disappointed. SO. When I read that they were doing another one this month and it would be at Claridges, I simply could not miss out. I am also still in the hunt for the perfect wedding venue and why not check out the famous art deco venue to add to my list?

The event started off with drinks and canapes which I sadly missed most of due to work, however I managed to arrive right before the speakers and grabbed a seat next to the gorgeous Charlotte Gamble of Restoration Cake. The evening progressed with a brief intro from the editor of Stylist Magazine and then continued on with 4 quick presentations by successful women who had started their own businesses.

The first part of this blog feature is just a quick glimpse into the kind of ladies who attended the event as this was one of the most interesting things to me. Prior to the day of the event, Stylist Magazine wrote each of us with a quick little survey of questions to find out more about the audience. Here is a brief breakdown of what they found. I know this is not necessarily 100% wedding related, but along with fabulous brides to be, I have wedding vendors as a growing audience and I wanted to share the experience with you all as hopefully it will inspire you as much as it did me.

Part 2 is on its way with loads of quotes and advice from four fabulous speakers.
Make sure to check out the Stylist Magazine website where you can read each issue online.

Image taken from the Stylist Magazine website.

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