OMG Bridal Graphics Issue 2: What makes a Restoration Cake?

I was inspired to do this next issue of Bridal Graphics after reminiscing about a taste test with Restoration Cake I had a few months ago. One of the (many) things I love about Charlotte is that she is very scientific about her baking. She spoke about the chemistry of ingredients and getting the perfect proportions for the perfect cake. Thanks so much to Charlotte Gamble for sharing her magic recipe with OMG and hope you enjoy!

Before you get ready to mix in the ingredients, line a cupcake tray with beautiful cases, preheat your oven, and ensure that your nails are painted red. Then, follow the instructions below, dress fabulously, sing along to your radio, and bake for 15 minutes!

Make sure to check out the Restoration Cake website, blog and also the awesome photos recently posted on RocknRoll Bride.

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