OMG Friday Links – 2 July 2010

Woop! Its friday and I’m especially excited for the weekend because we have a lovely event planned with some great vendors and wedding experts!

A Lazy Sunday Lunch with Flowers – although its fully booked this time around, make sure to check in for new ones coming up!
Cassette Tapes and Boomboxes – super duper cute idea.
Care bears on crack? Thank you Susie Bubble for once again rocking my world with this post.
Give me zebras any day….
Gorgeous map inspiration
This is mostly for my mother – See! 10 bridesmaids = just fine 🙂
Oh Hampton Court Palace Wedding….
This bride is giving me FASHION! Just look at that pose… werk.
This is just beautiful: Garden party wedding.
Wish I could go to this amazing Vintage Fashion FESTIVAL!
Completely unrelated to weddings but totally funny… this week’s wildcard link 🙂

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