OMG Friday Links – 30 July 2010

Fashion meets Cabaret meets everything that is AWESOME. The most fabulous fashion film editorial I have seen featuring Gareth Pugh’s AW 2010. yes please. (might not be SFW)

This got passed around the office yesterday and I think its beautiful.

OMG is featured on the one and only Mark Niemierko’s LOVE / HATE section today! Tres exciting…
LOVE THIS WEDDING – it is giving me black & white checkers, bright colours and napkins from awesometown.
Honeymoon / Vacay wardrobe advice.
A rustic ruin engagement session
Mulberry Tea Party.
Hello awesome headpiece / veil.
What a cool aeroplane cake!
Love this black and musk inspiration board
Adorable wedding
I pretty much LOVE balloons.
Beautiful bouquet made of cotton.
A bit about Chelsea Clinton’s upcoming wedding

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