Hazel & Anthony’s Urban Chic Magenta & Yellow Wedding

If you have been following me on Twitter recently, you will know that I am somewhat obsessed with finding the perfect wedding venue for my big day next year. Just this week I’ve seen 4 places in the past 4 days and I’m not stopping. So when I saw this GORGEOUS cathedral on Tinywater’s blog, I had to find out more. Of course, the featured couple, Hazel and Anthony, were married in California, so probably outside my perimeter for the time being, but I wanted to share it with you none the less.

A little bit more about the bride and groom from Caroline and Daniel over at Tinywater “Oooh la la! I love Hazel and Anthony! I love that they are designers, I love that they are so chill, I love their engagement session, I love that Hazel is such a fashionista and I love that it shows!! So much to say about this urban chic wedding, but I’ll just let the images speak for themselves…”

To view the rest of the images for this wedding, make sure to check out these fab San Francisco Wedding Photographers Thanks again to Tinywater and congrats to the happy couple!

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