An Amazing Underwater Trash the Dress Shoot in Hawaii: Isabella & Ryan

Ok. Who’s jealous? Isn’t this beautiful? Following the beautiful beachy sunset wedding from yesterday, the bride and groom, Isabella and Ryan, shot these with Mark Holladay at Waimea Bay, Hawaii.

Mark says “I still can’t believe she jumped off the rock in her dress! It made for some fun photos and they are a beautiful couple. Often these kinds of sessions are called “trash the dress” sessions, but I think there’s got to be a better phrase out there- anybody know one?”

I’ve seen a few underwater shoots to date, and I definitely think this is one of the best. I’m not married yet, but I can only imagine how protective I am going to be with my dress and it takes a special kind of trust with a photographer to know you’re going to get the right shots when you decide you’re going to “trash the dress.” Make sure to check out and for more of Mark’s photos. They’re gorge.

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