My Best Friend’s Wedding: An Italian Extravaganza Wedding – Carles & Giorgia Part 1

OMG It’s my best friends’ Chuck and Giorgia’s wedding! FINALLY! I have been waiting to blog this for the longest time and it is finally ready! YAY! (Also a congratulations on being married for 2 months to this day! Happy Anniversary!!) A teeny bit of background quickly… I’ve know Chuck since I was about 6 years old, and Giorgia since I was 11. We all went to school together in Hong Kong and Giorgia is one of my bestest friends in the entire universe. People used to think we were sisters (which is pretty much true) I could not be happier for them and their wedding was definitely one for the books. Giorgia is Italian and Chuck is from Spain, and the two decided to get married in Rome where Giorgia’s family lives. It was an insane weekend and the best time ever. I’m afraid I have to blog this wedding in 3 parts because there are SO many gorgeous photos. Thanks SO much to Alessio Franchi for sharing these with OMG and come back next week for even more amazingness!!!

Now on to the wedding. Chuck and Giorgia were married in Rome in June of this year. Their ceremony was held at the beautiful Santa Costanza mausoleum and their reception, at Villa Aurelia with a view overlooking the city. I really don’t think I could tell you which venue was more beautiful as they were both completely breathtaking. The ceiling of Santa Costanza was absolutely insane (hello see photos below) and the ceremony was set in the round so everyone could see the bride and groom perfectly. More on the villa will come later.

Their overall theme / color palette for the wedding was white, grey, black, and coral for the website/print/bridal party outfits with white and green for the flowers and table decorations (by Ceccotti Flowers) in the church and reception area. The style was a perfect combination of classic and modern which I think pretty much sums up this awesome couple. They combined some older architectural images with modern typography to create a style for their stationery and the two were involved in the design process all the way through. (with a little help from me!)

Giorgia wore a beautiful dress from Temperley called the Dragon Dress and her shoes were gorgeous cream heels from Bally. Her earrings were custom made from some loose pearls from her mother which were designed by Antonella Marchetti of Gioie d’Arte. Giorgia said ” They were a special addition to the dress – moms do always know best!” Chuck had his suit custom made in Hong Kong by Raymond Exclusive Taylor which he wore with a Hugo Boss tie and some killer Paul Smith shoes with purple laces. His handkerchief belonged to his late grandfather – his grandmother gave it to him to wear so that he could keep him close to his heart. The bridesmaids (me too!) wore coral coloured dresses from Amsale and grey patent leather Carvela shoes, while the groomsmen wore grey suits from Reiss.

Advice from the Bride: Ask friends and family to contribute in their own way to make your day even more unique. Our families are from different countries and with friends thrown in the mix we had guests from all over the world speaking various languages, so it was especially important to us to make everyone feel welcome and involved. We chose friends and family to take part in the church ceremony by reading passages in their mother tongue. Chuck’s cousin Bernat played Recuerdos de la Alhabra on the guitar and our friend Olivia sang the Ave Maria during the communion. My uncle had my favourite wine bottled just for the wedding and we designed our own wine labels. It’s little touches like these from the people you love that make the day even more personal.

Any regrets?: Take a little time out to take everything in! Between eating, taking photos, and speaking to all of our guests, the reception went by very quickly. I sat down for an espresso and people-watched for about 10 minutes and it was great watching friends meet, family catching up, and guests generally having a good time on the dance floor!

Best decision made: Enlisting the help of my oldest and dearest girlfriends, who I consider my sisters and who I’ve known since I was 11. Unfortunately we are scattered around the globe, but the wedding was an opportunity for us to spend time together like we used to, having sleepovers and laughing and crying together about nothing and everything.

And thats it for now! Stay tuned for Part 2: Giorgia and Chuck’s photos around Rome and Part 3: The Reception and Wedding Video! All photo credits go to the amazing Alessio Franchi who brought in a massive team of photographers and videographers to capture this amazing day. Make sure to check out his website!

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