OMG Friday Links – 13 August 2010

So its another Friday links post on a Saturday morning, please forgive me, its been SUCH a crazy week – but hopefully these will entertain you just the same. I’m still trying to figure out the format for these posts, but today its just a mix – a bit of fashion, a bit of design and a bit of weddingnessss xx

An oldie but goodie, Maria Blaisse is just awesome.

This animation is awesome!

OMG so is this one!

OMG a Friday Mixtape on BeyondBeyond
Another awesome fashion video by showStudio – this one is super duper because it is interactive.
How did I miss this awesometown seating chart?
Are you a Ms. or a Mrs?
Date Night! London Popup Cinema: The Cineroleum
OMG Bags
An Interview with Two Birds Bridesmaid Founder – Ariane Goldman
These are some great cakes.

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