OMG Nice to Meet You! I’m Alexis…

Photo taken by Alessio Franchi

I’m pretty excited about this Rock’n’Roll Bride Party coming up this Wednesday evening. It’s probably one of the coolest things I have in my calendar this year. It will be really nice to meet so many wedding industry people (who are wedding obsessed as I am) and also finally put some names / tweets / facebook messages to faces. That being said, I’m totally petrified I’m going mess people’s names up. Or better yet, not be able to make the twitter – face connection and get completely confused. Please forgive me in advance.

This made me think, its probably best to introduce myself prior to this event (and hopefully many more to come.) So, Hi. I’m Alexis and I’m the founder of OMG I’m Getting Married! You probably knew that already but if not, very nice to meet you.

Ok, so why this slightly self indulgent post then? I already have an about me section so its a bit silly, right? Well actually, I’ve decided to run a bit of an experiment, just for this event (hope its ok Kat!) to help everyone out. Wouldn’t it be a bit easier if everyone knew a few friendly faces before Wednesday? (or just in general?) Even if you’ve never spoken, how about just a little bit of ammo for what I can imagine is going to be an extremely exciting but slightly intimidating party? If you email me your photo (preferable landscape 620 pixels wide) I’ll post it here by Wednesday morning for everyone to see and that way, everyone will know a few friendly faces by the time they arrive.

My email is and I look forward to meeting you Wednesday.


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