The Search for the Perfect Wedding Venue Part 2: The Runners Up.

As many of you know, we FINALLY booked our wedding venue last week. I’m very excited. It took me AGES to decide and we can finally start planning all the super fun details that make the day just that much more special. YAY! I’m extremely pleased to say that we booked the Assembly Rooms in Bath for our special day, but equally excited to tell you about some of the wedding venues we looked at that just didn’t check all the boxes for us personally, but might be perfect for you. I’ve pretty much decided in the next few years I’m going to have to have some pretty fabulous parties and they will be held at the following places.

The Andaz Liverpool Street.
OMG. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PLACE? I discovered this super funky cool modern venue via RocknRoll Bride and emailed the event planner that minute. I was pretty sure I had found our venue. There are so many great things about this space. To start with, and my favourite part, there is a GORGEOUS masonic temple complete with black and white checkered floor, insane art deco blue and gold ceiling and the entire room is lined with thrones and chairs made of beautiful dark wood. Thats just one of their rooms. There are also various restaurants and bars within the hotel with stunning features, whether its a domed ceiling, or a contemporary light installation. Last but not least, why not check out the multistory open air atrium for your reception, complete with projector for huge slide shows and a beautiful piano. Also, a lot of the signage in the hotel is done by projections onto walls, so why not create your own wedding way-finding system by providing your own custom projector slides? Awesome. I’m having my 30th birthday party here, its already decided. Our reason for not choosing this fab venue? J really wanted to have our wedding outside of London. That’s it.

Photo by Marianne Taylor

Photo by Julia Boggio

Eltham Palace
Oh where to begin. This was one of the first venues we looked at and it is pretty spectacular. I’ve already blogged about Eltham Palace once, so I’ll keep it short, but just look at that domed ceiling. With a combination of Art Deco and Medieval architecture, this venue is the one that looks great in all the photos. Surrounded by a moat and gorgeous gardens, Eltham Palace provides a stunning backdrop for your wedding day inside and out. I pretty much had my Art Deco inspired wedding day all sorted out in my head. Our reason for not choosing this fab venue? There were a few more restrictions here than at other places because its been restored to such a high level. Being the wedding obsessed person I am, I wasn’t able to fully accept some of the things we would not be able to do. I will, however, have a fabulous party here in the future. Promise.

Photo from HappyLemon

One Whitehall Place / The Royal Horseguards Hotel
Oh wowsers. One of the last places we visited, this venue is pretty insane. Want elaborate and decorative ceilings? How about the largest freestanding marble staircase in Europe for your group photos? Gorgeous bridal suite the size of a small country where you and your bridesmaids can get ready in front of personal mirrors and makeup stations? Check. Check. Check. I haven’t even begun to tell you about the reception and ceremony rooms! This venue has two rooms that you can choose from and they’re both awesome. My favourite is the library, which used to contain real books, but now instead, just a hand-painted replica like for like of the original pieces commissioned by the hotel when the books became to precious (and pricey) to insure. Again, the reason for not choosing this fab venue? J wanted to get married outside the city. Future awesome party number 3? Here.

Photos courtesy of One Whitehall Place

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