Acushla Creations – Contemporary & Interactive Wedding Stationery Design

I spent this past weekend starting to look at colour schemes / save the date ideas with my mom and soon discovered its a lot harder than I thought. Being a graphic designer, I knew it was going to be one of the most time consuming parts of planning our wedding, however I was not prepared for my indecisiveness! We looked at countless invitations and table settings to try and come up with the perfect combination, and there is still loads more to do! That being said, this is definitely one of the best parts of getting married! Its been so fun looking through blogs and books seeing how different people approach their big day and I’ve found out about so many new companies and agencies.

Looking for some interactive, contemporary ways to involve your guests in your wedding? Look no further. Allow me to introduce Acushla Creations! These guys are pretty cool as they are one of the first stationery designers I’ve seen that make things interactive. For one client, instead of sending out a save the date card, they created a “Plant your own carnation” kit where each invited guest received their own planter, seeds and dirt all branded with the bride and groom’s name on it. They could then plant the seeds and watch the flowers grow as it got closer and closer to the wedding day.

Another client was having an intimate wedding on a farm so they created bespoke invites for the guests, each with their names printed on them and their own illustrated animal. The invites were packaged in a thin organic veil / envelope to go along with the rustic theme of the day.

Have a look below for a few more examples of Acushla Creations at their best, and make sure to check out their website for even more awesomeness.

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