An awe-inspiring Icelandic Honeymoon Photoshoot – Greg & Lisa

OMG OMG OMG how cool is this Honeymoon Photoshoot!! If you are going to have fabulous photos for your engagement shoot and wedding, why not also have these as well? I nearly fell off my chair when I saw these shots, they are that fantastic. Want to know how it works? Erika and Ryan from Rowell Photography talk about this awesome package they offer:

“The couple chooses a few days during the honeymoon where they plan to either to go sight seeing or just hang out wherever they are and have some photos taken. Its not everyday we all get to travel to stunning locations and get movie star treatment, so why not have a professional capture this time in your life for you? Greg & Lisa chose something really unique, a 10 day drive around the Golden Circle in Iceland. Its a once in a lifetime trip! So when they asked us to capture their trip we said β€œyes” like 2 little children getting extra dessert. We mapped out 5 days of great locations for their honeymoon photos shoots, Lisa brought her wedding dress, and Greg brought a suit. And in front of Iceland, and hundreds of European tourists Greg & Lisa stood on cliff edges over looking waterfalls, mountain tops, icebergs, and beautiful black sand beaches.”

10 days, 2 cars, 8 bed and breakfasts. OMG. I am so jealous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more beautiful landscapes, scenery, shots, photos compositions and people. Absolutely breathtaking shots. Check out the rest of the beautiful photographs on the Rowell Photography Website.

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