Beautiful Bright Pink & Purple Wedding – Gena & Zenon

I’m so happy to be posting about this gorgeous couple today, Gena & Zenon, as I have been patiently awaiting the arrival of their wedding photos ever since I featured their New York engagement shoot earlier this year, both shot by the very talented Anne Wright. The two were married in Red Dear, a small town north of Calgary in May of this year and had picked a beautiful outdoor setting for their ceremony and reception but had to move inside due to a massive snow storm, in the middle of summer! Its pretty amazing how they were able to move inside and create such a beautiful setting. Here are a few details from Anne:

“Gena and Zenon’s families are Ukrainian and at the reception, Zenon’s family had prepared the most incredible Korovai (traditional wedlocks bread) I had ever seen with beautiful birds all along the different crown layers. I loved the fuchsia – chocolate colours of the wedding and being inside the Chalet, this really charming log cabin, it all became so warm in tones, it was beautiful! Gena’s cousin played the guitar during the ceremony, which was beautiful and personal. They also had an interesting kissing game during dinner, if people wanted them to kiss, they had to demonstrate how, which brought on a whole bunch of hilarious moments, with tongs sticking out etc! They’re amazing people and their family and friends were really wonderful, I felt really privileged to be part of their wedding.”

Thanks so so much to Anne Wright Photography for sending these photos through and make sure to check out her website for more great couples. Congrats to Gena & Zenon!

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