OMG goes to Harlequin’s Bridal Bazaar!

OMG where do I start? How on earth do I describe one of the most fab events I’ve been to this year?! Well, let me begin by saying it included mini makeovers, double chocolate whoopie cakes, plenty of bubbly, fabulous music, super chic jewelry, flowers, food and more. Jealous yet? I was SUPER DUPER honoured to receive a beautifully designed laser cut invitation by Cutture last week, inviting me to Harlequin’s Bridal Bazaar organised by the one and only Rebecca Holt of Harlequin & Romance Weddings, East London’s Finest Wedding Planner. Aimed at introducing newly engaged ladies to London’s finest wedding vendors, this event boasted a fabulous line up including Harrods’ ex-executive pastry chef and newly crowned Whoopie Man, funky cool wedding DJs The Wedding Smashers, deliciously decadent food from Cater Me, gorgeous floral displays by Jam Jar Flowers, and super cute accessories by Florence B Jewellery along with even more fabulous examples of laser cut creativeness by the one and only Cutture. Last but not least, all ladies were treated to a FAB goodie bag and mini makeovers by the Benefit cosmetics team all evening. (I am sheepishly admitting I had my makeup done twice!!!)

Helen & Dominic from Cutture and Rebecca from H&R Weddings.

I had the pleasure of making my way around the Benefit salon meeting loads of new brides as well as these fabulous wedding industry experts. Everywhere I turned there was a makeup artist or beauty specialist offering helpful tips for my wedding day and introducing me to new products that would, for example, not make my eye make up smudge half way across my face in a matter of seconds as per usual.

Although she was busy working the room like an absolute pro, Rebecca of Harlequin & Romance Weddings had time to speak to everyone. Not yet married herself, she claims she is purely in love with the wedding game in her own passionate way. Here is what she had to say about her business.

“A love of making a couple’s big day come together from food to fashion is the best thing about planning and designing weddings. When I speak to my wedding ladies (and men) it makes me feel happy when they meet me as many say how they’ve painfully waded through all the fluff and chair covers in wedding land. They find my style and approach a strip down of all of that and are glad that I can show them they can have a wedding that is essentially a beautiful & cool gathering. I’m all about continually seeking and working with the absolute best wedding vendors who compliment my style and who I genuinely would use myself – it’s about keeping it fresh all the time and not compromising anything. The biggest thing for me is that any wedding I plan and design goes out with a POP! Everyone remembers a banging wedding, nobody remembers a dull one!”

I have to say I was massively impressed with the way the event was seamlessly run which I’m sure was also thanks to the lovely Lisa Potter-Dixon, head of events for Benefit Cosmetics. A super friendly and bubbly Lisa spoke to me briefly about the different options Benefit offers to brides to be and I was extremely surprised at how affordable makeup for the bride, her bridesmaids and mother can be – especially since I am personally having 8 bridesmaids!! With artists dotted around the country, you can be sure that one will be close enough to travel down for your wedding and provide you with the exact look you want. I also heard a bit more about the Hen parties put on by Benefit and they sound fab, but more on that to come in the next few weeks! Overall the evening was pretty much perfect, I left feeling fabulous, full of yummy treats and sporting a new bag full of awesome products, one of which is nicknamed “Super Model in a Bottle” by all the girls who work there.

Just one of many fabulous treats on display by Benefit. (LOVE the packaging. love love love.)

A HUGE thank you to the lovely ladies Rebecca Holt of Harlequin & Romance Weddings, Helen Sharland of Cutture and Lisa Potter-Dixon from Benefit Cosmetics for spoiling me silly and to all the other FAB wedding vendors that I met last week. When’s the next one??!?!

Rebecca & Lisa speaking to all the guests

Awesome display by Cutture

Delicious all naturally flavoured whoopie cakes!

OMG am sneakily getting my makeup done by the lovely Heather from Benefit (for the second time!)

A close up of the Wedding Smashers equipment

And beautiful displays by Jam Jar Flowers.

Helen and Charlie of London Bride!

Food by Cater-Me and fab jewelry by Florence B

Overall a wonderful evening. Thanks ladies!

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