Black & White Details at an Eltham Palace Wedding – Stephanie & Jonathan

Oh Eltham Palace. Seriously one of the most beautiful and unique venues in London, this place is absolutely magical, and PERECT for a wedding. It was one of our top wedding venue choices and I had the look and feel pretty much planned out in my head if we had decided to get married here. Our final decision took us elsewhere, however I am extremely pleased to live vicariously through the beautiful Stephanie and Jonathan today to see just how amazing a wedding can be in this space. Thanks once again to Robert Burress from Shooting Hip Photography for sending these shots my way and congrats to the gorgeous bride and groom.

Stephanie and Jonathan were married in Christ’s Chapel in Dulwich before moving to Eltham Palace for the reception. Robert Burress says “This is not your typical London wedding venue. Head east towards Kent and before you pop out to the home counties you come to Eltham. A wonderful villagesque bit of London that has a rather impressive palace. Now owned and maintained by English Heritage this amazing venue sits high on the hills (yes, apparently there are some in London) overlooking the city as well as a few other famous sights. I could easily find the London Eye in the fading September light.” I really could not agree more, the palace, which is constructed of half Art Deco and half Medieval finishings is exquisitely restored and has one of the most dramatic atriums I have seen complete with a beautiful white dome to let the light in. The ballroom, which is where the bride and groom had their reception, has gorgeous a gorgeous vaulted ceiling.

Check out the rest of the photos on the Shooting Hip website and have a good one!

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