Brightly Coloured Hawaiian Underwater Engagement Shoot – Traci & Adam

Midweek and feeling a bit stressed? How about delving into this amazing underwater, uber relaxing Hawaii Engagement Shoot by who else, but the talented Mark Holladay? So underwater shoots are becoming more and more popular, and Mark is surely at the top of the pack. Along with some of the most beautiful scenery, and clearest water, these shots absolutely capture those moments you hope to see in a shoot like this. Who wants to go on a beachy holiday now? I DO! Thanks so so much to Mark for sharing these and congrats to Traci and Adam! The couple started off taking photos in Haleiwa and then worked their way down the North shore towards Sunset Beach.

Mark said “I was so excited when they said they wanted to jump off the rock at Waimea Bay, it makes for great pictures in the morning. Traci’s brides maids happened to be in town during our engagement shoot and came along to help out, they even got in the water at the end. I look forward to shooting Traci and Adam’s wedding at Waimea Valley in December. Congratulations!”

Awesome shots, beautiful bright colours, and a more than slightly jealous blogger 🙂 Check out the rest of the shots on Mark Holladay’s Blog and have a look through the rest of his amazing photos including some more underwater couples on his website.

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