OMG Friday Links – 15 October 2011

So most days, my friday links are reserved for fabulous fashion, a few weddings I have had major crushes on and all around exciting things in London. I’m going to shameless divert from this format and do a teeny plug about a project we have just launched at work which I am massively proud of. TNS Digital Life is the worlds largest study into online behavior ever conducted and we were asked to visualise it in a beautiful way. Covering 46 countries and interviewing almost 50,000 people, the interactive demo gives you a taste of how in depth the report is and what sort of information you might be able to use.

Wedding related? Not so much, but might be interesting for the bloggers / vendors out there who are working on their online presence. Hope you like it and thanks for indulging me 🙂 Have a good weekend!

Check out the interactive demo here.

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