Haute Couture Japanese Wedding Dresses – Yumi Katsura

So words cannot really describe my excited for today’s featured designer. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such intricate dresses in my entire life! This Japanese designer is truly one of a kind, and UBER stylish. Yumi Katsura offers a variety of collections, and what’s most interesting, is that the high end gowns are available to rent!

When we first got engaged, and I was looking at wedding dresses pretty much every waking moment (well I still do this, but now I call it “research”) my h2b suggested I “just rent a dress.” My gut reaction was of course “OMG NO WAY!” but if the dress looked anything likes these do, I would definitely think again. Enjoy the eye candy and ┬ácheck our Yumi Katsura’s website for loads more amazing wedding dresses.

I also could not resist including a few of the evening gowns because they are to DIE for.

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