MOB – Pitching for the role of Royal Wedding Planner

In lieu of all the Royal Wedding chat at the moment, I asked OMG MOB to give us her thoughts on next years big event… needless to say she didn’t need much help! She had already come up a few ideas herself. (love you mom xx)

OMG, do you think Will and Kate may need a wedding planner???? One with personal experience?? Could I POSSIBLY qualify? I mean if you have seen 100 venues, you really have seen them all. (And I have seen them all).

Ok, so MY daughter’s wedding will not require quite as much seating as a royal wedding, but I am sure I could direct them to something suitable. There is always a football stadium which would provide ample room. And you could make use of the electronic scoreboard for decorations to cut down on cost! Now I know that the bride will be overwhelmed by the choices of wedding gowns. EVERYONE will want her to wear their creations… I am quite sure that I have seen enough dresses to steer her in the right direction. I just need to refer to my handy dandy rolodex file of dresses filed my designer and cross filed by color and then again by style…. Kate will probably want something demure. SO maybe the corseted sheer Pnina Tornai wouldn’t go over too well. But I know a few salons where they even offer you a glass of champagne while you are shopping which is the least they can do when they charge you 30 pounds to try on their gowns! Also, I don’t like to brag, but I have become somewhat of a stealth undercover photographer…so I can get the forbidden photos of those special dresses… a skill not to be dismissed.

How about table decor? NO PROBLEM! I have personally designed 86 reception table decorations (in my head for my daughter) and I am sure I could set up a few samples for inspection. We could go round to the local pub and have a bite to eat while we discuss some options. Music? Hmmm…DJ or band? Personally I favor a DJ for that more casual approach and I offer the added bonus of being able to sing most tunes you would find on a DJ playlist. Do you think she would like that? It might save some time. I know there maybe a few other wedding planners who would like the job but honestly I could bring that personal, mother’s touch (dear, don’t you think you should eat just one stick of celery before we try on dresses??) to the experience.

I think I might just send my CV to the Palace just in case…

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