Multicultural London Wedding – 2 Days, 3 Dresses and 1 Happy Couple – Kavita & Jon – Part 1

I have definitely had many moments in my ongoing search for the perfect dress where I thought 2 or 3 costume changes (like in the awards shows) would be totally doable. Can’t decide on an amazing range of dresses? Why not wear all of them? Some brides get the chance to do this and others don’t, but have you ever seen a bride with 3 dresses? And all of them are amazing and different? Well, hello. Meet the beautiful bride Kavita, who not only wore 3 gorgeous dresses but had her wedding over 2 days. Jealous!!

Thanks so so much to Eliza Claire for sharing these photos with OMG. This afternoon is just part 1 of 2. Eliza says “Day one was a Church of England ceremony in South East London followed by a reception at a venue I feel like a regular at now, Nurstead Court in Meopham (near Sevenoaks) Kent. It was an incredibly emotional day, with tears from parents and bride alike.” I really love the emotion that Eliza was able to capture in some of these shots, and how cute are those little bridesmaids!!

Make sure to check out the rest of the photos on Eliza Claire’s blog and stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow – the Hindu wedding and reception, which can only mean 1 thing… 2 more fabulous dresses!

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