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Ever since I can remember talking / thinking / dreaming about weddings, one of the most exciting bits has been the gift list. I’m not going to lie, I absolutely LOVE presents. LOVE THEM! Who doesn’t? Even if you say you don’t like them, I don’t believe you.

For those who are more traditional, there are plenty of ways to sign up for your registry and more and more companies are becoming wedding list experts making it as easy and pain free as possible for your guests to send you something nice like a tea set, crockery, stem ware, furniture – you name it. This is all fab, but the modern day bride and groom might not be in need of these items because they might already have them! More and more couples are living together before marriage and therefor have already begun to acquire many of the items that once made up the old school wedding registry. So what to do? I have been to plenty of weddings where cash gifts were requested either via super cute envelope and greeting card, bank transfer or cheque. Again, fab, but some people might be a bit hesitant to give cold, hard cash, especially for something as intimate and special as a wedding present. To each their own, however, if you’re looking for a way to contribute to a couple’s honeymoon, today’s post is for you! Introducing the UK’s top honeymoon gift list, Buy Our Honeymoon.

See below for loads more details about how to use this customisable service for your honeymoon, or check out both the Buy Our Honeymoon Blog as well as the Sample Designs Page for a quick glance.

Here is what they have to say – “Couples can use us to compile a wedding list of honeymoon experiences, activities and upgrades to help make their honeymoon the trip of a lifetime… With an extensively customizable online page, couples can add absolutely anything they like to their lists to make them completely personal. We find that even guests who are initially sceptical about foregoing the department store end up really engaging with the service, and we’re often told how much people prefer that their gift is being spent on something specific and unique instead of being just a contribution to a big anonymous pot.

For many couples who have already established home together, a honeymoon gift list is a fantastic way for guests to give you a meaningful wedding present without doubling-up on all the traditional housewares you already have. You can add any number of dream activities from luxury honeymoon upgrades and champagne dinners to adventure activities and spa treatments. You can even mix honeymoon gifts with traditional household items. (OMG Note – this is particularly good if you are after a few specific items but don’t really want to set up a whole registry somewhere.)

Our name is quite forthright to attract the attention of brides and grooms, but our service is all about helping to make your wedding list as fun and romantic as possible — to really engage your guests in your honeymoon plans, so they feel their gifts to you are even more special than traditional department store items ever could be.

We offer a selection of domain names and we keep our own branding to an absolute minimum on your wedding list pages. You can customize your page design, upload your own photos, organise your gift list items in as many categories as you choose, and even display your list in more than one currency, with the site taking care of the currency conversions for you. The site keeps a comprehensive gift history, which you’ll be able access forever, to help you thank your guests for their gifts.

We’re a little different from most honeymoon gift lists in that we don’t take commission from the gifts you’re given. Instead, we have a one-off setup fee of £55. Your wedding list can be linked to your PayPal account, so that guests can pay the value of their gifts to you directly using a credit or debit card.

We’re also completely independent — you’re free to make your honeymoon travel arrangements however, and with whomever, you please. Couples can sign up for a free 7-day trial with absolutely no obligation. We set up the site for our own wedding in 2005, and we were so encouraged by the fantastic response from our guests that we decided to launch the site as a business. Our own honeymoon gift list is one of the many samples available.”

All in all, a very easy, seamless and affordable service that doesn’t base its earnings off of your gifts, which I think is fab. With fully customiable page designs, you can create a page that fits with your wedding theme or your honeymoon theme or keep it plain and simple. Below are some examples of how you can do so.

Thanks again to Andrew of Buy Our Honeymoon for sharing all this with OMG Readers and make sure to check out both the Buy Our Honeymoon Blog as well as the Sample Designs Page for more information.

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