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I’m thrilled to be posting a feature on the fabulous Cake & Pictures with you all today! Cake & Pictures is a directory of simply the finest wedding photographers in the world. If photography is important to you, you are in the right place. Though their photographers are listed where they live, they are all available for destination weddings.

I know that when I started looking at wedding photographers, and vendors in general, it took loads of loads of time to figure out who I thought was best for our special day. This was, of course, SUPER FUN, but also super stressful, as I had this feeling in the back of my head that I might just be missing the best venue / photographer / dress designer out there and I just hadn’t found them – worse yet, someone might be hiding them from me and I was going to only discover these details hours before my vows. Yes, I have had my crazy moments. After numerous bridezilla moments (which were thankfully short-lived) and a pre-wedding intervention by my mother who told me I needed to chill out, I made my informed decisions and I am super happy, but with a few extra grey hairs that we are not allowed to talk about.

This brings me to the reason why I love Cake & Pictures. With only the highest quality of photographers to share with you, it is a one stop shop for brides around the world to look through loads of options in one place. I have also already featured some of the great photographers listed, so I know these guys are on top of their game, and the wedding industry. Plus, it is also just a great resource for research and ideas.

What’s more is that while providing links to the photographer’s personal sites is great, the lovely people at Cake & Pictures are also available to consult with brides over the phone – so if you just want to talk to someone, you can.

For more information, make sure to check out the Cake & Pictures website, as well as their super cute blog, The Pantry.

How Cake & Pictures works for Brides
Our website is designed to make it fast and easy to browse through our photographers. You’ll find them listed in 50 cities in our USA section, and in many countries in our International section. Take a look around, and feel free to contact photographers directly for pricing and availability. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or need help locating a photographer in an unusual location, contact Heather Astorga at 610.260.0234. The rest of our publicity, design, web development, and photo editing staff is also at your service.

You can get regular updates about our photographers and see other items of interest by subscribing to our blog. You can see our photographers’ latest published work on the Tearsheets section of our site.

How Cake & Pictures works for Photographers
Compiling the world’s best wedding photographers into a searchable directory is just the first step. We have built a staff to promote our photographers like no other organization – to research, connect to and build relationships with significant wedding professionals around the world – keeping our photographers prominent in their minds.

Every morning, our blog features an exceptional wedding from one of our member photographers, giving brides a reason to come back to our site over and over again. Each afternoon, we offer a potpourri of blog posts – including the latest on our publicity, marketing and advertising efforts, interviews with photographers, planners and vendors, news, trends and a little gossip to round things out! All this helps make our site a valuable resource for important movers and shakers in the industry. We facilitate publicity coverage for our photographers and our company by collaborating with writers and editors to make it easy for them to write about us and we devote a section of our site to Tearsheets, so viewers can see that our photographers have been recognized for their work.

For more information on pricing and membership, contact Amanda Hanley at (610) 260-0234 or amanda@cakeandpictures.com.

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