Sunny Sunflowers, Ray bans and Roller-skating Engagement Shoot – Colton & Destiny

What better way to start off another week than with another lovely engagement shoot by Atlanta based wedding photographer, Whitney Huynh? If by any chance you missed her awesome fairground photoshoot from last week, make sure to check it out here.

This week brings the super sweet couple Colton and Destiny (how much do you love those names btw) to a variety of cool locations for their engagement photos, starting off with a gorgeous field of cornstalks, sunflowers and HORSES (OMG) and then moving on to a local library, playground and finally rollerskating. I have to say I am massively impressed with Colton’s patience! Whitney said “Let’s be honest, there isn’t another guy on the planet that would tolerate two women dragging him from location to location on a 5 hour quest for photographic enlightenment. Congrats Colton! You have been awarded Whitney Huynh Photography’s most patient client of a lifetime award!” I totally agree. But all that work paid off because these are some of the most romantic and beautiful shots I’ve seen!

Make sure to check out Whitney’s site as well for even more great photos.

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