A Beautiful Beijing Destination Wedding – Shelby & Stephen

Oh WOW. I am jealous. If there is one thing love as much as (or even a bit more) than my fiance, its China. I love Chinese food, I love Chinese culture, I love Chinese pop music, I love Chinese cities. LOVE. I literally have been stalking the lovely Jessica Monnich for this wedding ever since I saw the first photo – it is AMAZING. My fiance and I met in Hong Kong and I spent about 10 years there growing up so I have always thought in the back of my head how amazing it would be to go back for our wedding. Well now I can live vicariously through this gorgeous couple Shelby and Stephen. Shelby is an English teacher in Beijing and Stephen is an artist. (Make sure to check out Jessica blog regularly as she will be posting some of his artwork very soon!) I absolutely LOVE how the two chose to incorporate Chinese details into their big day and the photos are beautiful.

Thanks so much to Jessica Monnich for these photos! Make sure to check out her website and blog for more amazingness.

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