A Goofy Romantic Wedding I Wish I Was Invited To – Ghena & Lidiya

I pretty much know that when I feature a wedding by the amazing photography and digital design duo You + We Photography, its going to be awesome. I can always count on them to have a really great range of stunning shots with really beautiful framing as well as details. What you find a lot less often, is a bride and groom who are as goofy as these two. OMG. I want to meet them. I’d like to introduce you to what looks like one of the most fun weddings ever. Check out this groom!

Ghena and Lidiya were married in Fresno, California earlier this year and I wish I was invited. Sasha of You+We says “Hands down one of funniest weddings of this year! Ghena and Lidiya and their bridal party rocked it! Even though Roman (one of groomsman) was messing up the pictures, day still was full of laught, energy and great moments.”

Gorgeous shots and awesome couple, make sure to check out the fabulous You + We Photography website for more info, more shots and more amazingness.

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